View on the SCIFA meeting at Handelsbeurs in Ghent with the participants also showing on screen through the PTZ camera's

Conference planning and preparation with duvall at SCIFA

Date: 15 - 16 May 2024
Location: Ghent

A successful conference is not just the result of coming in with technology and making it all work on the spot. It’s also about planning, preparation, and coordination. For the SCIFA meeting as part of Belgium’s European Presidency on May 15 & 16, duvall did just that by working closely with the organizers. From scouting the location beforehand and conferring with the Belgian attaché about the perfect meeting conditions to working out the setup and technology. By balancing customer requirements, technology, and the participant experience, duvall made the conference a success.

SCIFA: exploring the future of immigration policy

SCIFA is the Strategic Committee on Immigration, Frontiers, and Asylum. It brings together senior officials to address critical issues in immigration, asylum, and border management. The committee handles strategic discussions on wide-ranging topics, focusing on significant legislative proposals and key non-legislative initiatives that shape policy direction. Since SCIFA deals with sensitive issues and diverse topics, getting all participants on the same wavelength during a meeting is key. That’s why duvall was enlisted as a key technology partner for the biannual meeting on May 15 & 16 at the Handelsbeurs in Ghent.

Coordinating the conference puzzle

However, making moderated meetings a success begins with more than just the technology. For the SCIFA summit, duvall started with the setup and venue first. Duvall met with the Belgian attaché of the delegation and discussed the meeting specifics: from participants, topics, and interpretation to the layout and setup of the room. duvall also involved the Handelsbeurs venue manager responsible for renting and production. The goal? Making sure every part of the conference puzzle fits for a perfect meeting experience.

Many factors come into play to create a fertile conference environment. The layout of the room, the setup of the tables and chairs for participants, the placement of interpreter booths, setting up PTZ cameras for camera tracking, displays, projectors, furniture, etc. And of course, the conference technology for audio and video. Every step is filtered through the lens of the participant’s experience. How can everyone hear and be heard with minimum friction and maximum clarity? And every choice impacts how a participant feels: small pieces add up. Not seeing the screen or presentation properly, audio that’s difficult to understand, poor room acoustics, etc.

Thankfully, duvall is always on top of things to ensure a great meeting outcome. By building on a wealth of knowledge and experience, by getting organisers and venue managers on the same page, and by relying on rock-solid technology.

Equipment List

  • Televic Lingua Interpreter Console
    Served as the control hub for interpreters, managing the flow of languages effortlessly.
  • Televic Confidea FLEX
    Easy to use and flexible device for talking, listening, voting, and more
  • Infrared receivers (conference room and press room)
    Each unit facilitated the distribution of interpreted languages.
  • Interpreter booths
    • Short-throw Projector
    • Automatic camera control
    • Video mixing equipment
      (switching between PTZ camera shots and the powerpoint presentations)
    • Sound mixer
      (floor, interpreter channels, background music)
    • Comfort monitors
      (Screens in the middle of the U-shape)

    Orchestrating conference success

    For the SCIFA meeting, duvall took on a role as the conference conductor. From location, and layout, over communications with all parties, to technology and support during the meeting. By taking the reins of the entire conference process from start to finish, duvall made the meeting a resounding success.

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