Complying with ISO Standards:
Essential Guide to Mobile Interpreter Booths

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covers of 4 valuable guides for event organisers

Mobile Interpreter Booths & The ISO Standard

4 Valuable guides to help you comply

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Part I: Physical Booth Requirements

To ensure the best possible meeting experience for everyone involved, from participants to interpreters, the ISO 4043 standard is simply a must. Larger institutions require even more strict guidelines. In this document we take a look at the physical requirements of the booth itself, as outlined in the ISO standard.


Part II: Acoustics & Working Surface

The interior requirements for interpreter booths are comprehensive, too. Conference organisers who work with interpreters need to be mindful of all regulations to avoid issues in larger moderated meetings with participants from different linguistic backgrounds.

Part III: The Interpreter Console

The hardware interpreters use is at the heart of their work. That’s why an interpreter console needs to meet the ISO standards first of all. If interpreters are working for European institutions, additional requirements are necessary.

BONUS: The One-Page Mobile Interpretation Checklist for Event Organisers

Are you organising a summit or a conference and looking to work with interpreters?
Then our handy one-page checklist will set you up for success. Just check off the bullet points and you’ll meet all the basic requirements for mobile interpretation.