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Why work with duvall?

Deploying high-end conference systems and online meeting technologies as part of the Belgian EU Presidency in 2024 requires a technical partner with a proven track record, a state-of-the-art equipment fleet and unique know-how in the latest online technologies with simultaneous translation.

The right partner


THE specialist in meeting technologie and simultaneous interpretation with more than 25 years of experience


Relevant experience supporting prestigious projects during the Belgian European Presidency 2010


A large in-house stock of the latest conference technology from Televic (Belgian technology)

Darwin room - EU Presidency 2010
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Benefit from duvall’s leadership in Event Technology


Specialist knowledge and experience

With over 25 years of experience, duvall is the expert in meeting technology and simultaneous interpretation. During Belgium’s previous EU Presidency, duvall successfully supported several prestigous projects. This valuable experience is available to you in our exclusive knowlegde base for free.


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In addition to our growing knowledge base, we also offer an exclusive newsletter series with valuable insights on best practices and event technology for the EU Presidency 2024 events. Register now to stay ahead of the curve and organise successfull events.


Unique insights in challenges and solutions

Stakes are high because of fast technological evolution and very high quality standards for EU Presidency meetings. duvall offers you unique insights in the challenges you as event organiser will be faced with and how to deal with them.


Expert in combined online and onsite technologies

Seamless integration is key when it comes to meeting technology. Tap into duvall’s years of experience in combining different systems, such as microphone systems, camera systems, interpreter booths, and streaming technology into a single integrated system.

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Why “good enough” just isn’t

Bring-your-own-device: The good, the bad and the ugly 

How to organise internet access for meeting attendees

The requirements for working with interpreters

How to safeguard your equipment

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Our expertise at work during previous Belgian EU Presidency

duvall’s expertise excelled in these EU Presidency meetings in 2010.


High level group on education policies

June 24 – Flemish Parliament


Informal Education Committee

July 01-02 – Ostend


Informal Meeting of Environment Ministers

July 12-13 – Ghent


Assuring Adequate Pensions & Social Benefits for all European Citizens

September 07-08 – Liège


Gymnich Summit: Informal Meeting of Foreign Affairs Ministers

September 09-10 – Brussels


The Social Protection Committee

September 13-15 – La Hulpe


Informal Meeting of Ministers of Mobility and Transport

September 16 – Antwerp


European Congress on E-Inclusion 2010: ‘Delivering Digital Europe in Public Libraries'

September 20-21 – Brussels


Informal Meeting of Ministers of Defense

September 23-24 – Ghent


Breaking the cycle of disadvantage. Inclusion in and through education

September 28-29 – Ghent


Meeting of the Standing Veterinary Committee

September 29 – October 01 – Antwerp


ASEM 8 Summit

October 04-05 – Brussels


Youth on the move - Achieving mobility for all!

October 05-06 – Antwerp


Panta Rhei Conference

October 07-08 – Ghent


Seventh meeting of the EQF Advisory Group

October 11-12 – Louvain


24th CCA Seveso Meeting

October 13-14 -Ghent


Conference on 'Audiovisual Archives in the 21st Century'

October 13-14 – Ghent


MISSOC (Mutual Information System on Social Protection) meeting

October 21-22 – Namur


The Third Forum on Social Services of General Interest

October 26-27 – Brussels


Quality assurance and transparency as interface between Vocational Education and Training, Schools and Higher Education to enhance mobility and to support easier pathways to Lifelong Learning

December 6 – Bruges


Informal meeting of the Ministers of Education

December 7 – Bruges


What our clients say about us

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism for yesterday’s event.
Everything went smoothly and it is thanks to you.
Thank you!

Hereby I would like to congratulate you for taking perfect care of everything from set-up, translation, material to dismantling. You scored maximum on all points!
Thank you for your presence, professionalism and support!

Dear duvall team, I would like to thank you very much for your help and professional organisation of our event.

It was really great!

Everything went fine again, thanks for good organisation and service provided


Prestiguous events, relevant experience

duvall is the only Belgian company with all the technology and know-how in-house to offer fully integrated solutions.

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