Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group on Europol

Bringing European MPs securely up to speed on Europol’s plans

Date: 18 - 19 February 2024
Location: "Oude Vismijn" Ghent

Photography: Belgian Federal Parliament.

duvall provided conferencing support for the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group (JPSG) on Europol in the heart of Ghent. The summit featured high-level participants from all EU member countries, including national and European members of parliament. The JPSG is tasked with overseeing Europol’s operations, enabling MPs to review activities through access to documents and briefings from top officials. Additionally, the JPSG contributes to the strategic planning of Europol by supervising its multi-annual plan and offers insights on political supervision to key entities like the European Commission, the Council, and Europol itself.

A focus on combatting European crime

Europol is at the heart of Europe’s efforts to support Member States in preventing and fighting all forms of international and organised crime, cybercrime, and terrorism. The JPSG Summit is a biannual update to monitor Europol’s progress and policy. European MPs are invited to oversee the progress.

The 14th meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group took place on 18 and 19 February 2024 in Ghent, Belgium. The summit put major Europol areas of focus on the agenda, including illegal weapons trafficking and human trafficking.

Supported by duvall’s expertise

duvall was selected as the summit’s partner for conferencing technology. The confidentiality of the meeting and subject matter, the high-level participants, and the stringent security demands are familiar territory for duvall. Its experience in European summits with sensitive topics and strict procedures made it an obvious choice for the JPSG Europol conference.

Forward-looking solutions and ease of use

Providing participants with a seamless experience is one of duvall’s key strengths and the JPSG summit was no different. With the latest generation Televic Confidea Flex G4 devices, all meeting participants enjoyed modern, user-friendly, and reliable technology at their fingertips. Each device has an integrated speaker and microphone to ensure everyone can hear and speak with maximum clarity, no matter the size of the conference room or venue. Additionally, no extra device is required to listen to simultaneous interpretation. From press to participants, duvall’s setup ensured everyone was up to speed with the conference details.

Equipment list

  • 120 x Televic FLEX G4
  • 240 x headphone
  • 20 x IR headphone for members of the press
  • 5 x Audipack interpreter booth 1m70 x 1m70
  • 10 x Office chair with 5 wheels (2 per interpreter booth)
  • 5 x monitor 15”  (1 per interpreter booth)

On-site support

  • 1 duvall technician on duty for the interpreter cabins
  • 1 duvall technician on duty in the meeting room

Safe, secure, seamless

JPSG Europol summit was a success thanks to duvall’s preparation and know-how. Participants from all member states left the conference up to speed and fully briefed about Europol’s plans and policies. Without any technological hiccups and with a focus on the meeting experience.

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