View on plenary meeting room at the Informal EU Economic and Financial Affairs Meeting

Robust and flexible meeting options for the EU’s informal Ecofin

Date: 22 - 24 February 2024
Location: Ghelamco Arena, Ghent

Photography: Belgian Federal Parliament.

At the latest Informal Ecofin Summit, hosted under Belgium’s Presidency of the EU, duvall provided conference solutions to get major financial stakeholders on the same wavelength. This gathering brought together EU Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors to tackle pressing financial challenges and strategies for boosting EU competitiveness. Through informal discussions, the summit aimed at fostering a deeper understanding among the participants and shaping future financial policies. Behind the scenes, duvall technology and expertise played a pivotal role in facilitating the conversations.

Informal discussions about key financial challenges

The Ecofin’s informal nature, further removed from the traditional Schuman venue, is a key step in opening up dialogues between the EU’s Central Bank Governors and Finance Ministers from member states. The meeting gives participants more latitude and provides avenues for exploration without the official character of a formal summit. As a result, participants share new ideas and approaches more openly than in a traditional setting.

At the February 22-24 meeting, under the aegis of Belgium’s thirteenth Presidency of the European Union, the European Union’s competitiveness challenge took centre stage. To rise to the challenge, the role of both private and public investments was one of the key topics.

Wireless flexibility and robust multilingual with duvall

The Ecofin meeting was held on location at KAA Ghent’s modern Ghelamco Arena. Since the venue has no permanent conference equipment installed—unlike the conference rooms in the heart of the EU’s institutions in Brussels—duvall relied on the wireless flexibility of Televic’s Confidea FLEX G4. It allows duvall to adapt on the fly: change units from chairperson to participant, add or remove functionalities (such as voting or simultaneous interpretation) and much more. Devices can be added easily or even swapped during the meeting. Thanks to WPA2 encryption and rock-solid wireless technology, participants can follow the meeting with crystal clarity.

Wireless flexibility was combined with a robust simultaneous interpretation setup, too. duvall supplied a total solution for a flawless multilingual meeting. From interpreter booths and interpreter consoles (Televic’s Lingua ID) to infrared distribution of the languages. Not just inside the meeting room but even to the listening room and press rooms. Relying on Televic’s infrared transmitter and Bosch’s Integrus infrared receiver ensured every participant was able to tune in to the talks in their language.

Equipment list

Plenary meeting

  • Interpreter Booth (ISO Compliant)
    7 units provided a discreet space for interpreters, facilitating smooth multilingual communication. Each unit had room for 3 interpreters.
  • Televic Lingua Interpreter Console
    Served as the control hub for interpreters, managing the flow of languages effortlessly.
  • Televic MME Multimedia Engine & WAP
    Ensured a robust network infrastructure, supporting multimedia elements with stability.
  • Televic Confidea FLEX G4 Microphone Unit and Rechargeable Battery
    80 units each ensured that participants could engage effectively, with the flexibility of rechargeable batteries.
  • Televic Infrared transmitter
    Each unit facilitated the distribution of interpreted languages.
  • Bosch headset
    80 units allowed users to listen to the interpretation or the floor language

Listening room

  • Televic Infrared Transmitter
  • Bosch Integrus Infrared Receiver and Stereo Headset
    80 units each provided a listening experience that combined clarity and comfort.

Press room

  • Interpreter Booth
    4 units facilitated interpretation for press personnel.
  • Televic Lingua Interpreter Console
    8 units served as the interpreter’s command center.
  • Televic Infrared Transmitter and MME Multimedia Engine
  • Bosch Integrus Infrared Receiver and Stereo Headset
    100 units each facilitated press personnel in receiving information clearly.

Lunch setup

  • Confidea FLEX G4 Microphone Unit and Rechargeable Battery
    80 units each allowed for effective communication during lunch events.
  • Televic WAP G4
    2 units provided wireless access.

A worry-free meeting experience

An informal meeting is no less important than a formal summit. Participants need to get the message across without technical difficulties, the audience needs to be up to speed in their language, and the press wants to tune in and capture the essence of the conference. Thanks to duvall’s preparation, the Ecofin Summit succeeded on all accounts.

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