View on the press conference at the Informal Meeting of Environment Ministers on January 15-16, 2024

Informal meeting of environment ministers in Brussels

Date: 15 - 16 January 2024
Location: The Egmont Palace

In the heart of Brussels, the EU Council’s Environment and Climate Ministers gathered for an informal meeting under the Belgian Presidency on January 15 and 16, 2024.

duvall effectively contributed to fostering communication using interpreting technology during the ensuing press conference, broadcasted live across the channels of the Belgian presidency..

Facilitating Communication

duvall’s involvement was geared towards facilitating seamless interpretation across four languages: Dutch, French, German, and English. Our state-of-the-art interpreting technology, featuring SCICC-compliant cabins and Televic interpreter desks & software, coupled with the expertise of our skilled technicians working behind the scenes, ensured a fluid and effective communication flow throughout the press conference.

Discrete Support at the Press Conference

As viewers tuned in to the live broadcast of the press conference, the technical support extended by duvall went largely unnoticed. Our interpreter cabins and technology operated discreetly, guaranteeing the accurate conveyance of the ministers’ messages without diverting attention from the diplomatic proceedings.

duvall’s Commitment to Quality

duvall prides itself on upholding rigorous standards of technological excellence. Using cutting-edge interpreting technology and skilled technicians, duvall maintained precision and clarity throughout the event. The live broadcast showcased the seamless integration of duvall’s technology, guaranteeing a reliable communication channel.

A Reliable Partner in Diplomacy

duvall’s engagement in the EU Council’s informal meetings underscores our commitment to being a dependable partner in diplomatic events. The Belgian EU Presidency can rely on our dedication to suitable technology, skilled personnel, and top-notch service quality.

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